NaBloPoMo Day 8: Home is Where is Hearth Is

“Where is your favourite place to blog?”

This should come as no surprise: my favorite place to blog is my kitchen.

My kitchen has this convenient little island that is the perfect size for a laptop, an espresso machine, and a chalkboard where I can keep lists of groceries, projects, and other random priorities.

The top shelf is a neat reflection on what’s top of mind.

Beneath are a couple of shelves that reflect the chaos that really goes on underneath. Yes, there is a printer, but there are also seemingly random stacks of whatever is currently of interest to me.

Looking below, I see a self-annotated subway map of food destinations in Tokyo. Christina Arokiasamy’s The Spice Merchant’s Daughter, my go-to cookbook for Southeast Asian curries. Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian, part of my ongoing education in meat-free meals. The August 2012 issue of epicure dog-eared for kueh recipes, authentically gluten-free cakey desserts. Gordon Shepherd’s Neurogastronomy and Barb Stuckey’s Taste, two ends of the spectrum on how our brains understand what goes in our mouths. And finally, The Culinary Institute of America’s The Professional Chef, Peter Hertzmann’s Knife Skills Illustrated, and Harold McGee’s The Keys to Good Cooking: all in the service of my new butchery apprenticeship.

A strange collection, to be sure, but all connected to what’s on my mind. For whatever reason, they’ve made their way from a bookshelf to my workstation, and will each take their turn rising to the surface and contributing to Spot Clean Food.


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